Proportionality in data sharing

Viacryp has developed a unique service in which data can be proportionally shared while safeguarding privacy protection. We process only pseudonyms and encrypted (and therefore inaccessible) information. This is professionally encrypted in two steps:

First, we use the pseudonyms as a white list. The other party delivers the pseudonyms of its customers (also pseudonymised in two steps) together with the relevant encrypted information.

Then, we filter the information based on the anonymised white list and forward only the information of individuals who appear on the white list.

Case study

This service can, for example, be used to trace stolen vehicles. The police provide a list of number plates of stolen vehicles, a so-called white list.

The parking data and other registered vehicle movement information can then be anonymously processed. When there is an anonymous match, we deliver the data in near-real time to the police, who can then access the required information through decryption.

In this way, we can ensure that the police only have insight into the movements of vehicles which have been reported as stolen.

Proportionality in data sharing | Viacryp

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