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Let us introduce our management team:

About us - Adam Knoop | Viacryp

Adam Knoop


As founder of the data company Hot ITem, Adam has been intensively involved in big data for the past 20 years. More and more organisations now work with data and use facts to gain their insights. For a number of years, Adam was involved in projects aimed at obtaining better management information—projects in which privacy was a hot topic.

The importance of the careful handling of privacy has grown greatly alongside the increasing use of data; Adam first encountered pseudonymisation as a consultant to the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, where large quantities of healthcare data are stored for analysis purposes.

Adam is convinced of the importance of innovative solutions which make it possible to carry out useful analyses while respecting the privacy of individuals. As the director of Viacryp, he is proud that he is contributing to the solution for this important issue.

About us - Edwin Kusters | Viacryp

Edwin Kusters


In his role as a data and privacy consultant, Edwin has mainly been involved in large BI projects for the past eighteen years. He increasingly noticed that clients had certain customer analysis requirements which were in conflict with the Dutch Data Protection Act (a forerunner to the GDPR). As a result, he went in search of a solution that would still make carrying out such analyses possible. The entire playing field of the definition of the law was the starting point, but he also had to take into account such customer priorities as time-to-market, quality of service and compliance costs.

The creation of a specific, separate company, today known as ViaCryp, proved to be the most effective solution for clients when it comes to navigating this complex world.

Edwin regularly speaks on privacy matters at seminars and congresses, and is a member of the NEN working group for the development of a pseudonymisation standard.

Why choose Viacryp?

Trusted Third Party (TTP)

Our position as a TTP assures you of a principled, reliable and safe pseudonymisation process and enables you to meet your organisational requirements for the protection of privacy.

Statutory requirements

Our services support you in complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when it comes to the processing of personal data.

Extensive network

We can introduce you to specialists in the fields of privacy legislation, data processing and business improvement—we have an extensive network of trusted partners.

Proven approach

Our externally-validated technology and process, as well as our proven approach, assure you of a rock-solid combination of diligence and speed.

20 years of experience

We have extensive experience in the fields of privacy & data governance, privacy-enhancing technologies, business intelligence and analytics.

Privacy expertise

Our unique range of services and technologies have led to numerous nominations and awards in the areas of privacy and data analysis.

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