Privacy consultancy

Viacryp offers privacy consultancy regarding the protection and security of personal data. Together with our partners, we advise on the organisational measures to be taken to comply with the requirements of the Dutch Data Protection Act (AVG). This concerns technical measures as well as organisational and process measures.

Integration with data platforms

The pseudonymisation service can be integrated with an existing platform.

That way the pseudonymisation process is an integral part of your existing data processes.

Advance pseudonymisation

Pseudonymising data in advance minimises the chance of negative consequences resulting from a data breach or unlawful processing while allowing for the optimal use of your data for analysis and research purposes. Pseudonymisation alone is sufficient in the majority of instances of the time because traceable personal data is not necessary for most analyses.

Would you like to know more about the pseudonymisation of personal data via a Trusted Third Party? Contact us today for a non-binding consultation.